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fluid art

Unique and fun purses, vibrant ready to hang art, beautiful resin coated coasters and trays are hand-painted by Memphis artist Sherry May.

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Sherry May

Hi! I'm Sherry May. Wife, mother, daughter, Sha Sha, Concert Promoter... all names that tell you who I am.  I started my acrylic painting journey a few years ago, painting acrylic florals and landscapes. When concerts came to a halt during the Covid lockdown, I found this mesmerizing form of acrylic painting known as fluid art and I have never looked back. Pure bliss! There is just something so relaxing and peaceful when I'm watching the paint flow and do it's thing. Patience is a must because a piece of art can take weeks to complete, which has been a great trait for me to embrace!  Most of my art just instinctively reminds me of music, concerts, songs and lyrics that have been such an amazing part of my professional life for the last 30 years.

Thank you so much for visiting my online store.  I love doing  commissions because I know that the purse or piece art is going to become something very personal to its owner.   Just shoot me an email below if interested . I hope you find your bliss!  


Get in Touch

I love creating custom purses!  What's your special occasion? Got a favorite team or going to a concert?  Please fill out the form below if you are interested in a custom piece and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


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